An antibacterial drug, tiamulin is used in veterinary medicine (generally as its hydrogen fumarate salt) for the treatment of swine dysentery caused by Serpulina hyodysenteriae. It has a role as an antibacterial drug. It is a carbotricyclic compound, a carboxylic ester, a cyclic ketone, a tertiary amino compound, a secondary alcohol, an organic sulfide, a tetracyclic diterpenoid and a semisynthetic derivative. It derives from a Pleuromutilin.

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Tiamulin Hydrogen Fumarate 10% powder. Use For prevention and treatment of Chronic Respiratory Disease (CRD) caused by M. gallisepticum. Tiamulin hydrogen fumarate is a semisynthetic derivative of the diterpene antibiotic pleuromutilin used in poultry medicine to treat mainly Mycoplasma- and Brachyspira-related diseases. When administered with different drugs, tiamulin has been shown to have an enhanced activity with the tetracyclines


• A liquid concentrate formulation of tiamulin hydrogen fumarate to effectively treat swine dysentery, swine pneumonia, or both

• High potency, low resistance tiamulin hydrogen fumarate is widely considered to be the most effective antimicrobial against swine dysentery caused by Brachyspira hyodysenteriae

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