Promois encapsulated DL-Methionine is synthesize from petrochemical raw materials using an environmentally friendly patented proprietary process by the feed additives business of PROMOIS INTERNATIONAL, known as the carbonate process. This Proven complex,system result in a high quality product without the formation of waste salt,while largely avoiding pollution by waste air and water.

USE :-
Particularly for use in monogastrics. DL-Methionine Feed grade ensures the  adequate supply of sulfur amino acids,especially of the essential methionine. Because of mrthionine being rst-limiting in typical poultry diets its use has been well established for many years. Additionally,diets for piglets and growing pigs can show a considerable deciency in methionine. especially when formulated to achieve low nitrogen excretion for ecological reason. Such a deciency can be conveniently  compensated for using DL-Methionine Feed Grade.

 Methionine Content  99.9%
 Digestibility  100.0%
 Crude Protein (NX6.25)     58.1%
 Metabolizable Energy  [MJ/KG]   [kcal/kg] 
 Poultry(estimated)   21.0  5,020
 Swine(estimated)   22.0  5,280

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DL-Methionine feed grade can be processed into premixes, minerals and compound feeds, together with milk replacers, by any technical procedure. its technical properties guarantee homogeneous mixability. DL-Methionine feed grade is approved for use in all animal species according to European feed law and labeled accordingly. DL-Methionine feed grade is not subject to dangerous goods regulations.

DL-Methionine feed grade should be kept cool and dry in unopened original packing. storage and condition of 5°-30°C and 20-75 rel. humidity are recommended. Under these conditions its active content is guaranteed for 5 years from the manufacturing date. 
The manufacturing date is part of the lot number on the package lable.

PACKAGING : DL-Methionine is available in 25 kg polyethylene bag.

  Assay ( % ) min. 99.0 
  Ash ( % ) max. 0.5 
  Loss on drying ( % ) max.  0.3 

Molecular formula : C5H11NO2S  
Molecular weight : 149.21

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