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Founded in 1935 as Russian Colloid Company, Promois International has grown to one of the World’s Largest Integrated Premium Quality and Halal Chemical Source. Promois has wholly owned subsidiaries and joint venture companies that span the globe and employ thousand of people.
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We have been helping poultry feed millers to improve the effectiveness of feed formulation more than 20 years • We are the leading global supplier of amino acids in several countries which include Lysine, DL Methionine, Threonine, Tryptophan

The Company also Manufactures a Range of Other Halal Poultry Ingredients like Multi Enzymes, Thermo Stable Phytase, Choline Chloride, CTC, Acidifiers and All Types of Vitamins and Its Premixes.
The company has recently started the Manufacturing and Marketing of Antibiotics, Vaccines both live Vaccines and Killed vaccines, Copper Sulphate, Potassium Permanganate, Zeolites and Probiotics• Also other Chemical Activities of Promois


PROMOIS is a Fully Integrated Company Delivering Innovative Bio-Chemical Solutions into Chemicals, Poultry Feed, Cosmetic Chemicals, Personal & Home Care Chemicals. With the Opening of the Company, for the Development and Commercialization, We have Science Based, Cost-Effective Preparation Allowing to Complement the Development of Substantial Production Capacity for Moving Ideas to Market. Globally Competitive Cost Base and Using the World Exceptional Scientific Resources of People, We Promote in Our Life R & D Program, As Well As Customs and Provide Clinical Research Services for International Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology. PROMOIS Quickly Developed a Reliable Production of Multi-Drop Multiple Antibodies and Other Molecules in The Key Stages of the Biopharmaceutical Value Chain. After the Successful Commercial Launch of Our Various New Products, We will Continue to Seek to Expand the Scope of New Technologies in Animal Feed and Poultry Farming, Achieve New Progress in the Production of Nutritional Supplements. Our Ability to Continually Reach New Heights in the Value Addition of Feed for Animals and Birds, Which Allows to Realize the Promise of the Future, Therapy and Animal Growth.

We Market Globally

PROMOIS has a Professional Marketing Team for the Domestic and International Market. Today the Company’s Products PROMOIS Exported to the World Market with a Recognized Quality and Competitive Price. PROMOIS Looking for New Distributors and Wholesalers around the World to Offer It’s Products and Services to the World Market and Strive to find New Customers for the Best Services. Currently We do Business with More than 100 Countries like Europe,USA,Japan,Australia and Latin America

Our nutritionist Dr. Gyenis jozsef talking about Promois amino acid at Hyderabad Poultry expo


Promois International is a global animal health company dedicated to supporting customers and their businesses in ever better ways.

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