Imidazolidinyl Urea


Imidazolinyl Urea is used as an antimicrobial agent and preservative in cosmetics and toiletries.It is very active against gram+ and gram- bacteria as a synergist in combination with parabens. The most widely used biocides ( antiseptic agents,preservatives bactericides,slimicides,fungicides ) in cosmetics are parabens, isothiazolones, formaldehyde and formaldehyde releasing substances.

Formaldehyde is the simplest aldehyde with the formula HCH=0. It is a gas at room temperature with a pungent smell. It cannot be readily isolated or handled in the pure state because it is extremely reactive. Formaldehyde reversibly polymerizes to its cyclic trimer 1,3,5-trioxane or the liner polymer polyoxymethylene. It is readily oxidized to form formic acid in the air. It is commercially available as an aqueous solution usually 37-50% w/w..Formalin is the solution of formaldehyde in water. Paraformaldehyde is a white crystalline solid formed by polymerization of formaldehyde. Formaldehyde kills most bacteria,and used as a disinfectant and as a preservative and fixative for pathologic specimens. Formaldehyde cross links amino groups.In industry formaldehyde is used in the production of thermoset  resins, functional polyols,explosive,hexamine and other chemicals. Example of formaldehyde releasing biocides are;

Imidazolinyl Urea                                                 ( CAS RN :39236-46-9 )
Diazolidinyl Urea                                                 ( CAS RN : 78491-02-8 )
1,3-Dimethylol-5,5-dimethylhydantoin                 ( CAS RN : 6440-58-0 )
Bronopol                                                              ( CAS RN : 52-51-7 )
Tris ( hydroxymethyl ) nitromethane                    ( CAS RN : 126-11-4 )
Polyethylene glycol sorbitan monolaurate           ( CAS RN : 9005-64-5 )
Poly ( acrylamide,trimethylaminoethyl methacrylate chloride )                                                                                                        ( CAS RN : 35429-19-7 )

Molecular Formula : C11H16N8H2O
Molecular Weight   : 406.33
Toxicity                   : Oral rat LD50: 5200 mg/kg
Classification          : Disinfectants 
Synonyms              : Unicide U-13,Imidurea,26-28% nitrogen; Imidurea;N,N2
-Methylenbis [Ni_-[3-(hydroxymethyl)]-2,5-dioxo-4-Imidazolidinyl] urea]; 1,11-Methylenebis[3-3-(hydroxymethyl)-2,5-dioxo-4-imidazolidinyl] urea;
N1-1-( hydroxy methyl )-2,5-dioxo-4-midazolidinyl urea;

PACKAGING : 5 kgs in plastic bag


Appearance          : White powder,free-flowing 
Solubility in Water : Very soluble
pH                         : 6.0-7.5 ( 1% sol. )
Stability                 : Stable under ordinary conditions
Bibliography          : Usp24 //Nf18
Assay                    : 95.0%
Color,Apha            : 20 max ( 30% sol. )
Turbidity                : 6 Ntu Max ( 30% sol. ).gen26.0-28.0%
Loss On Drying     : 3.0%Max

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