Ildex indonesia 2021     

24 Nov-2021


Ildex Indonesia 2021 - The 5th International Livestock Trade

November 24 - 26, 2021

Indonesia is modernizing its animal farming industry to produce hygienic, safe, and affordable products to meet domestic needs. Exhibit at ILDEX Indonesia 2021 to bring your trusted North American products into one of the largest economies in Southeast Asia.

Ildex Indonesia features an exhibit of animal breeding, animal health, animal housing and farm equipment, egg processing, packaging, handling and refrigeration, industrial feed, grain & raw material processing equipment, knowledge transfer/consultancy, laboratory, testing equipment and services, meat processing, seasoning, packaging, handling, refrigeration, and much more.

ILDEX Indonesia Livestock Exhibition
ILDEX Indonesia 2021 Exhibition
ILDEX INDONESIA 2021 - International Livestock and Dairy Expo
ILDEX INDONESIA 2021 (Jakarta) Livestock & Poultry 

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