Tilmicosin is used in veterinary medicine for the treatment of bovine respiratory disease and ovine respiratory disease associated with Mannheimia haemolytica

Tilmicosin Veterinary Antibiotic medicine for the treatment of bovine respiratory disease and enzootic pneumonia caused by Mannheimia  haemolytica in sheep. In humans, Tilmicosin causes fatal cardiotoxic effects at amounts greater than 1 milliliter when injected, something most commonly seen in veterinary personnel and farmers.

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Function : Antibacterial Drugs
Dosage Form : Granule Agent, Powder
Animal Type : Aquatic Animals , Cattle, Horse, Other Special Breeding Animals, Pets, Pig, Sheep
Appearance : White or light-yellow powder
Package : 25kg/drum
Shelf life:2 years
Product Name : Pharmaceutical drug tilmicosin phosphate in poultry
Other Name : Tilmicosin raw material
Solubility : Water soluble
Effect : Antimicrobial agents, antimicrobial medicines

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Tilmicosin antibiotic developed for veterinary use. It is recommended for treatment and prevention of pneumonia in cattle, sheep and pigs. Tilmicosin is a semi-synthesized macrolide antibiotic used for calves, pigs, turkeys and poultry. It has an in vitro antibacterial spectrum that is predominately Gram-positive with activity against certain Gram-negative micro-organisms. Activity against several Mycoplasma species has also been seen.

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