VITAMIN- E Raw Materials Manufacturer Supplier

50% Concentration powder

1.00 mg Vitamin-E =1.49 mg Vitamin-E
1 mg Vitamin-E= 1.00 IU (international unit) Vitamin E

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Vitamin-E Benefits :
Studies of diets supplemented with Vitamin-E have been encouraging. Chicks given high doses of Vitamin-E were protected against E. coli through increased phagocytosis and antibody production.

Birds receiving a diet fortified with Vitamin E had a less than five percent  mortality rate from E. coli compared to 40-percent for those receiving no supplement.

Chicks were fed a diet enriched with Vitamin- E,then exposed to coccidiosis. They experienced weight gain and reduced mortality rates even in the face of a severe coccidiosis challenge.

PACKAGING  :1 kg,5 kg and 25 Kg bag

Also Available in 98.5% Concentration Liquid

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