Tiamulin antibiotic drug used in veterinary medicine for pigs and poultry.

Tiamulin is a pleuromutilin antibiotic drug that is used in veterinary medicine particularly for pigs and poultry. Tiamulin is a diterpene antimicrobial with a pleuromutilin chemical structure similar to that of valnemulin. It is also used to treat intestinal spirochetosis. Tiamulin acts by inhibiting protein synthesis at the ribosomal level.

An antibacterial drug, tiamulin is used in veterinary medicine (generally as its hydrogen fumarate salt) for the treatment of swine dysentery caused by Serpulina hyodysenteriae. It has a role as an antibacterial drug. 

It is a carbotricyclic compound, a carboxylic ester, a cyclic ketone, a tertiary amino compound, a secondary alcohol, an organic sulfide, a tetracyclic diterpenoid and a semisynthetic derivative. It derives from a Pleuromutilin.

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Function : Antibacterial Drugs
Dosage Form : Granule Agent, Powder
Animal Type : Aquatic Animals , Cattle, Horse, Other Special Breeding Animals, Pets, Pig, Sheep
Appearance : White or light-yellow powder
Package : 25kg/drum
Shelf life:2 years
Product Name : Pharmaceutical drug tilmicosin phosphate in poultry
Other Name : Tilmicosin raw material
Solubility : Water soluble
Effect : Antimicrobial agents, antimicrobial medicines

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Tiamulin Hydrogen Fumarate 10% powder. Use For prevention and treatment of Chronic Respiratory Disease (CRD) caused by M. gallisepticum. Tiamulin hydrogen fumarate is a semisynthetic derivative of the diterpene antibiotic pleuromutilin used in poultry medicine to treat mainly Mycoplasma- and Brachyspira-related diseases. When administered with different drugs, tiamulin has been shown to have an enhanced activity with the tetracyclines


• A liquid concentrate formulation of tiamulin hydrogen fumarate to effectively treat swine dysentery, swine pneumonia, or both

• High potency, low resistance tiamulin hydrogen fumarate is widely considered to be the most effective antimicrobial against swine dysentery caused by Brachyspira hyodysenteriae

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