Pantoprazole is used to treat certain stomach and esophagus problems (such as acid reflux). It works by decreasing the amount of acid your stomach makes. This medication relieves symptoms such as heartburn, difficulty swallowing, and persistent cough.  It helps heal acid damage to the stomach and esophagus, helps prevent ulcers, and may help prevent cancer of the esophagus. Pantoprazole belongs to a class of drugs known as proton pump inhibitors (PPIs).

Other Names : Pantoprazole Sodium
Type : Auxiliaries and Other Medicinal Chemicals, Auxiliaries and Other Medicinal Chemicals
Grade Standard : Medicine Grade
Model Number : Pantoprazole
Product Name : Pantoprazole Sodium for Injection
Appearance : White Crystalline Powder
Storage : Cool Dry Place
Shelf Life:2 years
Color : White crystalline powder
Application : Antacids and anti-ulcer drugs
Function : Gastrointestinal medicine
Supply Ability : 5000 Kilogram/Kilograms per Month

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It is suitable for acute upper gastrointestinal bleeding such as duodenal ulcer, gastric ulcer, acute gastric mucosal disease, compound gastric ulcer. Anti-gastric acid secretion drugs.

Pantoprazole sodium is a proton pump inhibitor indicated for the following: 
Short-Term Treatment of Erosive Esophagitis Associated with Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) 
Maintenance of Healing of Erosive Esophagitis
Pathological Hypersecretory Conditions Including Zollinger-Ellison Syndrome

Pantoprazole Sodium Uses - Pantoprazole is used to treat damage from gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), a condition in which backward flow of acid from the stomach causes heartburn and possible injury of the esophagus (the tube between the throat and stomach) in adults and children 5 years of age and older. It's usual to take pantoprazole once a day, first thing in the morning. If you take pantoprazole twice a day, take 1 dose in the morning and 1 dose in the evening. It's best to take pantoprazole an hour before a meal. Swallow tablets whole with a drink of water.

Pantoprazole have minimal side effects and few slight drug interactions and are considered safe for long term treatment. 

Pantoprazole is significantly effective both for acute and long-term treatment with excellent control of relapse and symptoms. It is well tolerated even for long-term therapy and its tolerability is optimal.

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