Promois encapsulated L-Threonine is the necessary complemented of L-Lysine for which it optimizes the use by animals for body protein deposition and weight gain. Moreover, L-Threonine plays an important role in processes of maintenance and, more particularly of digestion. In practice, L-Threonine is the second limiting amino acid in feed for pigs and the third limiting amino acid in feed for poultry. L-Threonine is a high quality product specifically designed for the feed industry.

Promois International - Pharmaceutical Raw Material Powder Manufacturer, Supplier And Exporter

  • Keep the balance of amino acid in the forage and stimulate the growth of the animals;
  • Improve the meat quality;
  • Increases the nutritive value of forage raw materials which have low amino acid digestibility;
  • Apply to the production low-protein forage;
  • Cut down the cost of raw materials for forage;
  • Decrease the nitrogen content in the excrement and urine of animals so that the release of ammonia is slowed and the ammonia concentration is kept low in animal shed; 

L-Threonine is manufactured by fermentation from carbohydrate sources. Promois uses vegetables high in carbohydrate as the raw material for the fermentation process. L-Threonine is manufactured under strict GMP conditions. No materials of animal origin are used in the production of L-Threonine.


  Appearance   White/off white Powder
  Assay (as C6H14N2O2-HCL))     >= 98.5 %
  Chemical Name :   ( 2S,3R )-2-Amino-3-hydroxybutanoic Acid  
  Molecular Weight :   119.1200
  Chemical Formula :   C4H9NO3
  Nitrogen Content :   0.1176

STORAGE : Store in a cool fry place
PACKING : L-Threonine is available in 25 kg polyethylene bag
SHELF LIFE : 3 years from date of manufacturing white proper storage conditions.


  Threonine content   98.5%  
  Digestibility   100.0%   
  Crude Protein ( N X 6.25 )      72.4%  
  Metabolizable energy   [MJ/KG]     [Kcal/kg]   
  DE Swine   16.9     4,030
  ME Swine   16.0   3,830
  NE Swine   12.4   2,960
  ME Poultry   14.6   3,490

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