Colistin, also known as polymyxin E, is an antibiotic medication used as a last-resort treatment for multidrug-resistant Gram negative infections including pneumonia.

Colistin is a 50 year-old antibiotic that is being used increasingly as a 'last-line' therapy to treat infections caused by MDR Gram-negative bacteria, when essentially no other options are available. Colistin can be administered by aerosol inhalation or by i.m. or i.v. injection following reconstitution with 0.9% sodium chloride injection or sterile water for injection. However, when indicated, colistin can be given via other routes, such as intrathecally.

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Function : Antibacterial Drugs, Antibacterial drugs
Dosage Form : Powder
Animal Type : Fowl, Pig, Swine Fowl
Main Ingredients : Colistin
Product Name : Colistin Sulfate Soluble Powder
Appearance : White Powder
Application : Pharmaceutical Raw Intermediates
Usage : Animal Pharmaceuticals
Active Ingredient : colistine
Sample : colistine Avaliable
Storage : Cool Dry Place
Shelf Life : 2 years

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The gene has the potential to quickly spread to other bacteria and raises the possibility that bacteria already resistant to major antibiotics could become resistant to colistin as well. Colistin is a crucial last-resort option. The drug is not frequently used in typical care because of its side effects.

Colistin binds to LPSs and phospholipids in the outer cell membrane of Gram-negative bacteria. It competitively displaces divalent cations from the phosphate groups of membrane lipids, which leads to disruption of the outer cell membrane, leakage of intracellular contents and bacterial death .

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