Promois encapsulated Profytase is an Enzyme that catalyzes the stepwise removal of inorganic orthophosphate from phytic acid. Profytase as the name suggests, is a phytase enzyme derived from a specially modified micro-organism to yield a stable and activity wise optimized product. It is a special kind of phosphytase enzyme which hydrolyses the phytase phosphorus ( plant phosphorus ) in to six inorganic phophates and inositol. Profytase enzyme has the following advantages.

  • Profytase supplementation in the feed increases the plant phosphorus utilization in the chick's intestine and also reduces the phosphorus losses in excreta ( 40% )
  • Hydrolysis of phytin improves the overall nutritive value of diet through better utilization of trace minerals,protein,carbohydrate.
  • The apparent digestibility of major amino acid is increased with Profytase supplementation.
  • Profytase supplementation to a low phosphorus diet increases retention to total phosphorus,calcium,copper manganese magnesium and zinc thereby increasing availability of these essential element in layer /chick's diet.
  • The dietary requirements of calcium can be reduced by about 33% in diets supplemented with Profytase.
  • Profytase supplementation in broiler diet reduces the necessity of supplementation of inorganic phosphorus ( in practica terms addition of 500ppu/kg feed is expected to raise the available P content by 0.10% which is equivalent to approx 6.3 kg di-calcium and phosphate.) and reduction in phosphorus content in excreta without affecting the weight gain,feed efficiency and bone mineralization.
  • The addition of Profytase improves overall bird performance primarily through improving the bioavailability of micro and macro nutrient.
  • Profytase supplementation in layer diets also increases egg production,has positive effects on egg white,tibia ash & egg weight etc.

Appearance  :
Profytase is available in dispersible micro-granulated and powder form. In order to improve the thermo stability of Profytase,It has been specially presented in coated granular from.Since the granules are dispersible the provide better bio-availability of Profytase to the feed.

ACTIVITIES : Profytase has the following declared activity :
                    : Profytase : 2500 PPU/g 5000 & 10000 PPU/g
The Profytase units are determined using sodium Profytase as substrate at 50 c and pH 5.0


Suggested dose of Profytase in poultry feed is:
Profytase 2500-150gm/ton of feed as replacement of 10 kgs of DCP.
Profytase 5000- 75gm/ton of feed as replacement of 10 kgs of DCP.

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