Promois encapsulated Mpzyme is an optimum blend of enzymes for improvement of digestibility of vegetable feeds for poultry. Mpzyme is specially suited for improved energy performance of feed that contain wheat bran, soya beans, corn, rapeseed, sunflower seed, peas, etc. Mpzyme is designed to aid normal digestion, increasing the energy availability  and to hydrolyses non-starch polysaccharide with the result of reduction in feed conversion ration and increases in body weights. The reduction in FCR by 7-10% and increases of 100-150 gm body weight after 4th-5th week.


  • Increases body weight & better feed  utialisation.
  • Used for better growth and performance.
  • Increases digestive capacity of animal & birds.
  • It mobilises storage fats in animals.
  • Improves nutrient availability.
  • Phytin phosphorus in converted into available form.
  • Utilisation of other minerals is improved like Ca,Mg,Iron, Zn etc.
  • Tackling antinutritional factors and energy availability.
  • Increases egg production & eggshell breakage is reduced.
  • Hydrolyses non-starch polysaccharides.
  • Digest high molecular weight beta glucans in gain & cereal based feeds and can be used in the treatment of endosperm cell walls which contails about 70% beta  glucans.
  • Improve separations, reduce viscosity and modify or completely hydrolyse cellulose.
  • Mpzymes reduces the feed consumption of the bird.  
Appearance  Creamy White Powder 
Amylase 2700-3400 u/g
Protease <1200 HUT/g
Cellulose 525-700 u/g
 Beta-Glucanase  375-500 u/g
Xylanase 750-1050
Pectinase 200-300 u/g
Phytase 750-1500 u/g


pH Optimum : 5.3
Temperature Optimum : 55°C

Mpzymes has an optimum pH is 5.3 but it is very effective over a pH range of 3.0 to 8.0
It has an optimum activity at a temperature of 55°C but it is very effective over a temperature range between 45°C to 60°C.

The enzymes can be dosed at a rate 400-500 gms/ton of feed.

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