Appearance                       : Yellowish,viscous oily liquid

Molecular Weight               : 472.7

Empirical formula               : C31H52O3

Assay/vitamin E content    : not less than 96.5% and not more than the    equivalent of 102.0% of C31H52O3

Organic Volatile Impurities : Isobutyl acetate : not more than 0.5% 

Manufacturing Route         : Pure synthetical synthesis route,not involving any materials of animals origin or gene                                                             technology


1.00 mg Vita-E =1.49 mg Vita-E
1 mg ( all-rac ) Vita-E= 1.00USP-unit
1 mg Vita-E=1.00 IU ( international unit )


Vita-E is regarded as one of the most stable vitamins, that means,under the prevailing processing conditions in cosmetics it keeps its efficiency; it is relatively stable to air and heat,but is hydrolysed by mosturein the presence of alkalis or strong acids into free tocopherol ( Vita-E ) which is readily oxydizing by losing vitamin activity,recommended pH-range: 4.0-8.0,sensitive to heavy metals.


Readily soluble in all kind of cosmetic oils,thus ideal mixable to the fat phase of cosmetic emulsions, freely soluble in alcohol so that supplementation of alcohol-based formulation would be possible and also useful due to the topical benefits of Vita-E.


Total viable aerobic count not more than 1000cfu/g
Funghi count not more than 100cfu/g
Salmonella species not detectable in 10g
Pseudomonas aeruginosa,staphylococcus aureus and escherichia coli are not detectable in 1g


Vita-E is a high viscous liquid,but still fairy to handle at room temperature
Vita-E has been enriched with special co-surfactants which make it dispersible in alcohol as well as in water.


26600   mPas at 0° C
2120     mPas at 20° C
161       mPas at 60° C


Protect against heat,humidity and light keep in an inert environment ( store only under N-blanket In unopened original packaging and under adequate storage conditions minimum )

Max. Processing temp  : 100° C
Water hazard class       : WGK 1
Standard Packaging     : 5 to 20 kg HD-PE jerrycans
Expiry Date                   : 2 years after production date  


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