Potassium Permagnate Granular

Use :-

If the combustible material is finely divided the mixture may be explosive. Contact with liquid combustible materials may result in spontaneous ignition. Contact with sulfuric acid may cause fire or explosion. Used to make other chemicals and as a disinfectant.

Benefits :-

Accurate pH value, High efficacy, Precise composition, High water solubility, Excellent thickening effect, Fine water treatment effect at high & low temperature, Supreme chemical adaptability.

Potassium Permagnate Powder

Uses :-

It is widely used as an oxidant in chemical production, for instance it serves as an oxidant for making saccharin, vitamin C, isoniazid and benzoic acid; used as a preservative, disinfectant, deodorant and disinfectant in medicine; In the treatment of water quality purification and waste water treatment, it serves as water treatment agent to oxidize pollutants such as hydrogen sulfide, phenol, iron, manganese and organic and inorganic contaminants in order to control the odor and decolonization..

Benefits :- 

  • Electron Industry 
  • Water Treatment and Environmental Protection 
  • Planting and Cultivation 
  • Chemical Materials 
  • Medicine

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