Copper Sulphate Granular

Use :-

Copper sulphate is used  as  an additive feed to promote growth and correct copper deficiencies in the animals. The copper sulfate feed grade, is used in the elaboration of mineral premixes, that complement the proper feeding of livestock and poultry.

Benefits :-

  • Copper takes a part in synthesis of hemoglobin, synthesis and activation of some enzymes in animals.
  • Copper, iron and cobalt are called haematogenous elements. 
  • Lack of copper will incur anemia, myasthenia of limbs, ataxia and arrest of development. 
  • High dosage of copper can improve growth and lower feed consumption.

Copper Sulphate Powder

Use :-

Widely used in feed industry as feed additive;Correction of copper deficiency in animals ;Growth stimulant for fattening pigs and broiler chickens etc.

Benefit :-

Copper sulfate is an important raw material for preparing other copper compounds. Bordeaux mixture with lime milk available as a fungicide. Copper sulfate is also the electrolyte for electrolytic refining of copper.

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