Methylparaben is an effective broad spectrum preservative for personal care formulations.
Methylparaben has a preservativ effect of the Shampoos, hair conditioners,lotions,anti aging creams,scrubbers,eyeliners,mascaras and almost all cosmetics and toiletries.
Methylparaben is derived from the gum benzoin tree.
Methylparaben is developed for broad spectrum control of bacteria,moulds and yeasts for all types of cosmetics preparations.

Appearance    : White crystalline powder
Odor                : Odorless or has faint characteristics odour
Molecular Weight :  152.15
Melting Point (range) : 125 to 128  0C
Boiling Point :   270 to 280 0
Bulk Density     : 0.75
Solubilituy  :       Slightly soluble in water,very soluble in alcohol and ether.

Methylparaben is used in shampoos,shower gel,foam bath,liquid soap,hair conditioner rinse off,creams,lotions,eye and lip care gel,leave on,sunscreens and other personal care Formulation.

It has low aqueous solubility and may be premixed with non aqueous components prior to the addition of water
Recommended PH range for efficiency     : 4.0  to  8.0
Recommended maximum handling temperature   : 850

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